LH Sales, Jr.
(also spelled sometimes, and incorrectly, as L.H. Sales and L. H. Sales)

Percussion / Music Biography (a work in progress)














1997 – 2005 


1994 – 1996


1992 – 1994


1990 – 1992



     A few bands The Primates performed with: The Replacements, The Blasters, The Del Fuegos, Asleep at the Wheel, Robin Hitchcock (with REM backing), Faith No More, REM (final show)




1986 – 1987

* 1990 - Jim Corder sells Corder Drum Co. to Sammy Darwin of Darwin Drums. 1994 Sammy Darwin sells Darwin Drum Co. to Tommy Robertson who returns the company to the Fibes name and moves operations to Austin, TX. - Time-line Information courtesy of Vintage Drum Guide.






1981 - 1982 

Period Influences (that carry to the present):

Louie Bellson - Pioneer of the double bass drums (not just for rock-n-roll). One of the lessons learned is to switch between traditional and matched grips as the situation demands. Live clip of Louie Bellson, Lionel Hampton and Don Lamond drum battle

Charlie Watts
Martin Chambers
(The Pretenders) - Live Clips: 2003 Middle of the Road, 1981 Tattooed Love Boys 
Gilson Lavis (Squeeze

Stan Lynch (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)
Jerry Angel (The Blasters) - Live Clips: Colored Lights, Border Radio, Long White Cadillac
DJ Bonebrake (X) - Live Clips: Motel Room in my Bed, Los Angeles

Gilson Lavis drum solo clip @ 2006 (still rockin'!)

Elvis Costello at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Glenn Tilbrook, Chris Difford, Nick Lowe and Gilson Lavis performing Manfred Mann's Pretty Flamingo sometime in 1989. Fantastic Clip!







1978              >>>> In memory of Ruth Minter George – Music Theory and Piano Instructor, TMC <<<<

Joe Jackson - Fridays - Live (Jan. 14, 1980)






Period Influences:

Ringo Starr - what needs to be said?
Donnie Baldwin - drummer / percussion Elvin Bishop Band and Jefferson Starship (@ 1982)
1976 concert NYC (link fixed) - user name: music.demo@salesoutpro.com password: 123456 
<<<   Listen to Donnie's drum intro in “Calling all Cows”, and you’ll hear why I list Donnie as an influence  >>>
Paul Riddle - drummer / percussion Marshall Tucker Band

The Ramones, Changed drummers like underwear, but a fun band.
Other drummers of note from this time period: Ginger Baker, Bill BrufordDon Brewer, Allen White, Frank Beard




Other Notable Musicians who over the years played or recorded with The Generation and went on to have successful music careers:





1971 - 1964 data rebuild in progress


old data / format


Born in Atlanta Georgia (mom's hometown), we lived three years in Sumter SC while dad, LH Sales, Sr., finished his tour in the Air Force (based out of Shaw AFB). Dad had an electronics shop in the back yard where he built many of his speaker cabinets, and vividly remember the one time I stepped on his soldering iron.

At the age of 3 (circa 1962) we moved to the family farm in the Mountaintown Community in the NW corner of Gilmer County (near the Cohutta WMA of the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia). Mountaintown Community is 9 miles from county seat of Ellijay and 85 miles north of Atlanta (3 1/2 hour drive in the 1960's). This area of the state was very remote generally until about mid - late 1970's until road improvements along GA 5 from Marietta to Ellijay improved safety and travel time to Metro Atlanta. Some of the areas in Fannin, Union and Towns counties did not open up until the construction of the GA 515 portion of the Southern Highroads Scenic Hwy (part of the Appalachian Hwy) from the top of I575 above Canton (Nelson GA) to Young Harris (courtesy of Zell Miller's political pull). Impact on the area is mixed.

Via dad, I grew up listening to various gospel quartets - Blackwood Brothers, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, The Sunshine Boys, The Jordanaires, as well as many old classic country artist. I was also exposed to Traditional Country, Bluegrass and Appalachian Traditional Music of local musicians and annually at the Heart Fund Show held in the Ellijay Elementary auditorium.

Attend Henry Grady Elementary School in 1st grade, community school in the Moutaintown Community (the year highlighted by putting my teacher's - Ms. McClure - goldfish bowl in the Coble Milk truck). Attend Ellijay Elementary 2nd -7th grades when Henry Grady Elementary is closed for budget cuts. Attend Gilmer High School, Truett-McConnell College, and the University of Georgia.










T for Texas, a Jimmie Rodgers classic and one of my grandfather's favorites.










I had to throw these two drummers in...

Joe Morello
Han Bennink - Han is on a totally different percussion plane... Live Clip 

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